Head Injury and Cognitive Difficulties

MTBIO3Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) is more commonly known as concussion and can happen anytime there is a blow to the skull or the body stops moving suddenly, as in an automobile accident. People who suffer MTBIs and other injuries such as strokes often experience psychological distress, depression, and anxiety.

Psychotherapy can help to:

  • Manage anxiety during the healing process – healing often takes time and it can feel like things will never get better
  • Process the grief of lost abilities, lost time at work, lost wages, changes in relationships, and/or self-image
  • Relieve depression caused by loss of functioning or prolonged recovery periods
  • Accept the changes that have happened following the injury
  • Learn anger management to cope with changes in personality and impulsivity
  • MTBIO2Learn how to advocate for yourself with medical professionals, bosses and colleagues, and family members
  • Build a new “you” from the foundation of the old

Beverly has personally experienced MTBI and its aftermath. It is possible to heal and to have a wonderful, fulfilling life after injuries that cause cognitive difficulties. Beverly would be honored to assist you on that journey!