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  • Solutions with compassion?
  • Change and alternatives with balance?
  • Healing with respect?
  • Ways to get unstuck?
  • Opportunities to transcend the past? To thrive?

There is a widespread belief in our world that expressing emotions is all that is necessary for good mental health. At the same time, many people fear the expression of emotions. The reality is that emotions are very important sources of information, but they are not meant to rule us.

Psychotherapy is about more than venting stress and problems. It’s about identifying the challenges, roadblocks, speedbumps, and triggers that have held you back on your life path, resolving any barriers from the past, and learning new ways of changing and transcending with the goal of thriving! It’s about improving your life and cultivating happiness, peace, and well-being. It’s about discovering and nurturing your authentic self and owning the resources you already have while developing new ones. IPleasant Hill Therapyt’s about seeing and embracing the complex and unique being you truly are.

My holistic psychotherapy services are based on principles of wholeness, positive psychology, and evidence-based practices. My style integrates strengths-based therapies, movement, somatic interventions, behavioral interventions, and expressive arts with cutting-edge techniques such as EMDR and EFT.

My clients often have complex, co-occurring issues that include anxiety, shame, depression, anger management, eating disorders, weight issues, problem gambling and other addictions, brain injury, Pleasant Hill Therapistsand history of childhood abuse or domestic violence. I specialize in the areas of post-traumatic stress (PTSD), strong reactions related to current political events, patriarchal stress injury (PaTSI), weight management, exercise resistance, head injury, and the distinctive set of symptoms common to adult children of mentally ill parents (ACMI). When working with emergency first responders, I incorporate understanding of the unique job and personal stressors they experience.