Skills / Tools

SkillsO1Many tools and skills are learned in the course of psychotherapy to help you improve the quality of life and relationships. Some basic tools and skills that work for a variety of issues are:

  • Self-regulation – Being able to keep your emotions, thoughts, behaviors, energy, and internal physical state within a healthy range is known as self-regulation.
  • Grounding – These techniques help you connect to the solid foundations in your life and the ground beneath you, providing a sense of safety when life is difficult.
  • Resourcing – This is a special form of EMDR, used to help you call on the resources you have in your life and to internalize new ones, resulting in feeling empowered to manage life.
  • Anxiety management – Several skills can help manage anxiety, including body awareness, deep breathing, visualization, and progressive relaxation.
  • Anger management – Managing anger isn’t just about preventing violence and aggression. It is about learning appropriate ways to express anger and to move excess anger energy out of your body to prevent it from accumulating into rage. Anger energy can be very productive in bringing about change when used appropriately.

SkillsO3Please visit the Client Resources page for downloadable self-help tools.