Types of Therapy

ModalO1There are multiple paths to the place of change and healing, so there are many psychotherapy traditions and orientations. With a foundation in somatic (body-oriented) psychology, Beverly integrates multiple types of therapy, based on each client’s individual needs, to provide specialized treatment. Some of the primary approaches she uses are:

  • EMDR – An evidence-based therapy technique that effectively resolves trauma as well as helps people get unstuck or make connections about things they don’t understand in their lives. Click her for more detailed information on EMDR.
  • Somatic – Somatic therapies incorporate knowledge about physiology and how the body is related to emotions and thoughts.
  • Art therapy – Drawing, sculpting, and painting can be used to express feelings that otherwise are hidden or too shy to present themselves.
  • Cognitive-Behavioral therapy (CBT) – Thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors are all integrally linked. Specific techniques from CBT are very helpful in producing change.
  • Strengths-Based therapy – Bringing attention to the strengths each person has brings feelings of empowerment, hope, and resourcefulness.
  • Psychodynamic therapy – Many issues can be linked back to dynamics in the family-of-origin. When appropriate, it can be helpful to explore and understand how these old patterns are still being acted out in current relationships.