Emergency First Responders

With a strong family history oFirstresO2f military service and six years volunteering at the West Coast Post-Trauma Retreat (WCPR), a residential treatment program for emergency first responders with PTSD, Beverly has a deep understanding and awareness of the unique job and personal stressors that emergency first responders experience.

In addition to witnessing difficult scenes and handling difficult situations, first responders may also be dealing with having been injured or threatened themselves. They may be working through the loss of fellow first responders. Job stressors, including physical stress from shift work, not enough support from administration, and department policies that cause work difficulties may be compounding problems. Long hours and fatigue have an impact at home, and relationships which were once supportive can also become stressors.

FirstresO1When these stressors are added on to the problems others experience in their daily lives, such as relationship issues or depression, it can feel like too much to manage. Psychotherapy using EMDR Therapy and other therapy techniques can help with:

  • Resolution of trauma and grieving
  • Safe place to vent frustrations
  • Learn better ways to communicate with spouses, partners, and family members
  • Relieve burnout
  • Alleviate anxiety and depression
  • Deal with addiction

24 Hour Resource/Phone Line – Copline.org – 800-267-5463

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