Fees & Insurance

SF Bay Area Trauma TherapistsI  offer prospective clients a free half-hour consultation.

The customary fee is $125 per 50-minute client session. Longer sessions may be arranged when appropriate and will be charged at a pro-rated fee.

The fee covers the following services:

  • Actual time spent in session
  • Time spent in preparation for the session
  • Time spent on usual and customary paperwork and treatment planning
  • Time spent in consultation, training, and research
  • Short telephone calls or emails with the client for the purposes of scheduling or support

Additional charges apply for collaboration with other treatment professionals, preparation of treatment summaries or other court-ordered documents, and for phone calls lasting more than 10 minutes.

San Francisco Bay Area Family TherapyPayment Methods

Payment may be made with cash, personal check, money order, or all major credit cards. When paying in cash, correct change or small bills are appreciated. Personal checks and money orders should be made to Beverly Swann. Returned checks will result in a $35.00 fee to cover bank charges.

Insurance Accepted

I work with Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) and other out-of-network type insurance plans. On request, I provide a monthly statement to submit to your insurance or health savings account (HSA) for reimbursement. For clients who have out-of-network benefits, I am willing to bill your insurance and receive payment from them directly. An active credit card agreement must be kept on file to cover any unreimbursed expenses. Most Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) will allow you to choose a therapist out-of-network and may allow me to bill them directly.

With prior authorization, I am able to bill directly to and accept payment from the following insurance coverage:

  • California Office of Problem Gambling
  • California Victims of Crime (VOC) and Victim Witness
  • Claremont EAP
  • Contra Costa Health Plan (CCHP) for Contra Costa County employees
  • Human Behavioral Associates (HBA) EAP
  • Mines and Associates