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BodyO1There are so many terms to describe the ways in which we do the opposite of healthy eating and taking care of our bodies. They all fall under the umbrella term of dysfunctional eating. Beverly is not a medical doctor or a dietician. Her perspective on eating problems looks at the psychological aspects of eating and either not exercising or over-exercising to discover what prevents people from eating and moving in healthy and appropriate ways. She works with all types of eating disorders and issues, but specializes in overweight and obese people who often have medical issues that require lifestyle changes.

Her approach to working with eating disorders, dysfunctional eating habits, and exercise resistance (I hate exercise!) is to remove the shame and acknowledge the reality and the pain of these issues in the lives of so many people. Through movement, visualization/guided imagery, EMDR, art therapy, and other processes, we get to the core of the issue and heal the underlying injuries to allow you to be happier and healthier, while also focusing on changing behaviors one at a time.

EMDR is a therapy technique that can help people get unstuck in a variety of ways, particularly if eating and exercise habits are linked to past trauma or abuse. Beverly often uses EMDR in the treatment of compulsive and binge eating issues.

Note: this is not a weight loss program; this is psychotherapy to uncover and remove the blocks that prevent you from being successful with your weight management and health goals.